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Dale Herbert NORTHUP, (Herbert 12, William 11, Nathan 10, George 9, John 8, Benjamin 7, David 6, David 5, Stephen 4, Henry 3 Thomas 2, Thomas 1).

Dale Herbert NORTHUP was Born August 21, 1921, Audubon, Iowa, the son of Herbert William Northup and Florence Buckner.

He was married to Helen Vesko on December 1, 1943 in Brooklyn, NY, while Dale was on 3-day leave from the navy. It was during WW 2 and he was a cook on a navy destroyer in the ocean near France. He was gone for several years. Helen Vesko's parents are George Vesko and Julianna Oleynick. They emigrated from the Ukraine right before wwI, with 4 children. The family settled in Lackawanna County, PA where the rest of their children were born. They had 18 children total, but only 9 of them survived into adulthood.)

They now live in Corona, CA. and have 2 children, Carolyn Lee Northup Krieger, born on December 16, 1944, and Martha Louise Northup Fox.

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Dale Herbert Northup Family

Children of Dale Herbert Northup and Helen Vesko

Carolyn Lee Northup B. December 16, 1944 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. M. February 2, 1962 in Perry, Dallas, Co, Iowa to Gary Jay Krieger, (born on May 25, 1938 in Jefferson, Greene Co., Iowa.)
Martha Louise born October 8, 1947 in Perry, Dallas County, Iowa. M. to Henry David Fox, (b.Nov. 29, 1944 in San Francisco, CA) on Oct. 5, 1968 in Billings, Montana.